Unlockd SDK

The Unlockd SDK is a powerful tool designed to enable seamless integration of blockchain-based borrowing functionalities into your applications. It allows developers to leverage the Unlockd protocol, providing users with the ability to collateralize their assets and obtain loans in various cryptocurrencies against tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs).

Key Features

  • Permissionless Integration: The Unlockd SDK offers a simple and intuitive interface for integrating our permissionless protocol into your applications.

  • Comprehensive Asset Management: Easily manage user assets, including collateralization and loan origination processes.

  • AI-Powered Valuations: Utilize advanced AI to ensure accurate asset valuations and optimal loan conditions tailored to individual needs.

  • Full Custody & Ownership: Borrowers maintain full custody and ownership of their collateralized assets through their Unlockd Account.

  • Proven Security: The protocol adheres to rigorous security standards and has been audited by multiple firms to ensure the highest level of safety.

Use Cases

The Unlockd SDK is particularly beneficial for partners whose assets are already supported and whitelisted within the Unlockd protocol. Here are some key use cases:

  • Native Borrowing Integration: Implement borrowing against tokenized assets directly within your product interface, offering users seamless access to liquidity.

  • Enhanced Marketplaces: For marketplaces or platforms allowing the purchase of assets, offer financing options at the point of purchase, enabling a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) experience for your users.

  • Custom Financial Solutions: Develop custom financial solutions that leverage Unlockd's RWA-backed borrowing capabilities to provide innovative services to your user base.

More information is available at our Use Cases and Examples sections.

By integrating the Unlockd SDK, you can unlock new financial possibilities for your users, providing them with secure and efficient access to liquidity backed by tokenized Real-World Assets.

Explore the rest of the documentation to learn more about how to integrate the Unlockd SDK and start leveraging these powerful functionalities in your applications.

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