NFT Batch Transfer Module

The NFT Batch Transfer module allows you to send multiple NFTs to the Unlockd user wallet in a single transaction.



export type Nft = {
  collection: string
  tokenId: string


export type ClientOptions = {
  network?: Chain

export type Chain = 'mainnet' | 'sepolia' | 'localhost'


Sending NFTs to Wallet

To send NFTs to the Unlockd user wallet, use the sendNftsToWallet function from the nftBatchTransfer module:

export const sendNftsToWallet = async (
        nfts: {
            contractAddress: string,
            tokenId: string
        options?: ClientOptions
    ): Promise<void>
const result = await sendNftsToWallet(nfts[], signature, options?);

Refer to the NFT Batch Transfer Module documentation for more details on the sendNftsToWallet function.

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