Buy Now Module

The Buy Now module allows you to buy assets instantly at a fixed price.



export type Signature = {
  data: object
  signature: { v: number; r: string; s: string; deadline: number }

/* data object
interface SignBuyNow {
  asset: SignAsset;
  assetLtv: BigInt;
  assetLiquidationThreshold: BigInt;
  from: string;
  to: string;
  data: string;
  value: BigInt;
  marketAdapter: string;
  marketApproval: string;
  marketPrice: BigInt;
  underlyingAsset: string;
  nonce: BigInt;
  deadline: BigInt;

interface SignLoanConfig {
  loanId: string;
  aggLoanPrice: BigInt;
  aggLtv: BigInt;
  aggLiquidationThreshold: BigInt;
  totalAssets: BigInt;
  nonce: BigInt;
  deadline: BigInt;


export type ClientOptions = {
  network?: Chain

export type Chain = 'mainnet' | 'sepolia' | 'localhost'


Buying an Asset

To buy an asset instantly, use the buy function from the buyNow module:

export const buy = async (
        amount: string, 
        signature: Signature, 
        options?: ClientOptions
const result = await buy(amount, signature, options?);

Refer to the Buy Now Module documentation for more details on the buy function.

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